ASC - Advanced Solar Consulting is a cluster of highly engaged specialists from the various sectors of renewable energies. Your consulting team will be compiled, depending on project and task. An important part of our business philosophy is to accompany our customers in the implementation of the developed strategies.

Your first contact person is Dipl. Ing. Reinhard Wecker, an insider with 25 years of business experience, 20 years of management level. On the basis of business and management experience, the ASC - Advanced Solar Consulting GmbH also takes over the management responsibility for a specific period of time.

ASC acts according these guiding principles:

  • aiming for knowledge transfer to our customers
  • highest grade of loyality to our customers
  • absolute discretion and confidentiality
  • utmost reliability
  • payment based on success
  • working with global players


Sales strategies and their implementations

25 years of hands-on experience with complete responsibility for order volume, turnover and profit in the renewable energy industry, especially in photovoltaics, are the background we offer to our customers.

We see ourselves as insiders in the markets - you will be convinced by our references in sales strategies and their implementation.


ASC Consulting
  • You want to enter the solar business?
  • You have new ideas in this market or you have a lack of new ideas for your expansion?
  • You might have difficulties in your solar business (production, sales, structure, partners)?
  • You don’t have the right staff for your ideas or you don’t have the experience?
  • You still missinformation or background for reliable SWOT - analysis?

Often the right ideas are hidden in the companies but are not discovered. Often flexible and experienced staff is not there to follow up your innovations for success and measurable profit. Often subsidies are unknown or seem to be too complicated for use. Often for external managers it's easier to implement even difficult dicisions.


You can contact ASC using the following contact options or our contact form.

ASC - Advanced Solar Consulting GmbH
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